I have a sixth form interview and although I’m not looking forward to forced conversations and probably getting lost colleges make me happy because I can dress how I please without getting detention.

Having the social skills of a potato 

my mother said i could be anything i wanted so i became an anxious and antisocial recluse with an internet dependence and an intolerance for natural light

My school always find a way to get me into some sort of bother if I already haven’t got myself into some and its not nice.

I have a serious fear of being kidnapped like just being taken by a family friend or a stranger and being killed. I have nightmares about it and stuff all of the time and its really irrelevant and I don’t understand why I think about it so much at all.

i hate school its so stressful and you have to wear pants

don’t tell me beyoncé isn’t an emotion because i feel that shit in my soul  






slenderman becomes a lawyer

he is defenderman

slenderman becomes a kitchen appliance

he is blenderman

slenderman helped people decide what sex they are

he is genderman

slenderman no longer wears belts

he is suspenderman

slenderman starts selling hot dogs on a New York street corner

he is vendorman

I miss having a best friend okay.

I’m sorry I’ve been so negative lately but I guess venting does help to some extent. I just feel really fucking isolated from everyone like I’m so distant and its really getting to me and sometimes I like being on my own but sometimes it makes me feel really rubbish just bleh.