so me and effy have met up after being apart for such a long time and it’s making me so happy b/c i’ve missed her more than anything ever. she’s the cutest lil thing like she looks so cute in my glasses ~aw~ and i just love her so much omG. we’re going to many concerts together soon and i’m excited for them all, we’re also making more youtube videos together yay. last night we had like a heart to heart i guess and i’m happy we did b/c otherwise we wouldn’t be like this today. she’s one of the best people in my whole life and i’m actually the luckiest girl in the world to be her friend and actually know her and like we have so much in common it’s silly she’s my baby girl forever and i’ll never let her go again b/c the week we were apart killed me a lot and now we’re back together and i just love her so much omfg effy you little pumpkin 

Perfect pumpkin pie
ill stop soon
I miss my green hair
I went outside today and stuff 
made a ring and that
I deleted it by accident before so yeah Hey again
OOps decent quality photo x